Oil Companies Protecting the Environment

Oil Companies Protecting Environment

How Some Oil Companies are Protecting the Environment

Even with electric vehicles making their way into the market, we will need oil for a while longer. We did some research to find out what some oil companies are doing to protect the environment.


Investing in Renewable Energies

An article from Investopedia claims that companies like BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total are investing in renewable energies like solar, wind and biofuels. Shell has actually purchased a company that manufactures home batteries and electric vehicle charging stations.


New Oil Extraction Technologies

Other measures include being more environmentally friendly in getting the oil out of the ground. New technologies in flaring, soil remediation and water recycling are being utilized.

Creating Sound Environmental Habitats

Spent offshore rigs can be used to create a habitat for sea life. Energy Central reports that rigs are being toppled and sunk to create a habitat for new coral reefs.

Recycling Techniques

These techniques are being utilized to reduce the resources required for oil and gas production. One technique is to recycle used oil into diesel fuel.

From our view, the need for oil is not going away anytime soon. However, we do need to be mindful of our environment and the effects of pollution and greenhouse emissions.

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