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C&C Machine, Inc. is a precision machine shop located near Tulsa, OK. We have been providing precision machining and light fabrication for more than 35 years. Recently, we added 3D Printing to our service offerings.


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With our vast array of capabilities, dedicated employees, and years of experience, we stand ready to meet your precision machining and fabrication needs. Please contact us today.


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Are Chatbots Beneficial to Manufacturers?

Chatbots are computer programs or software applications used to simulate conversations with human users. It eliminates contact with a human being. Are chatbots beneficial to

Mic 6 Aluminum Plate

MIC 6 Aluminum Curing Plate

We recently worked with a customer to machine a custom curing plate made from MIC 6® aluminum. MIC 6 is made from a continuous cast


C & C Machine Starts with Why

We recently read the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek. The book had many large company examples, like Apple and Southwest Airlines. We found


Robotics Use in Small Manufacturing Job Shops

Robotics use in small manufacturing job shops is not as common as robotics use in larger factories like auto manufacturers. Several reasons for this divergence


Welcome to Oklahoma Canoo Electric Vehicles

C & C Machine extends a warm welcome to Canoo Electric Vehicles. Canoo is a Los Angeles-based company that has developed breakthrough electric vehicles. They

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