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C&C Machine, Inc. is a precision machine shop located near Tulsa, OK. We have been providing precision machining and light fabrication for more than 35 years. Recently, we added 3D Printing to our service offerings.


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With our vast array of capabilities, dedicated employees, and years of experience, we stand ready to meet your precision machining and fabrication needs. Please contact us today.


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Key Challenges for Manufacturers in 2022

Supply chain issues, including the availability of raw materials, are one of the key challenges for manufacturers in 2022. This leads to inflation which is


Benefits on Machine Knurling on Product Design

Machine knurling is ideal for cylindrical products like knobs and handles. The machine knurling process produces a textured surface that improves the user’s grip to


Electrical Cable Assembly Alignment Tool

We recently machined a batch of electrical cable assembly alignment tools for one of our customers. For this run, we started with tight tolerance low

4D Printing

Trends in 3D Printing for 2022

The use of 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM) is growing in the manufacturing industry. Over the past few years, we have seen our customers


Are Chatbots Beneficial to Manufacturers?

Chatbots are computer programs or software applications used to simulate conversations with human users. It eliminates contact with a human being. Are chatbots beneficial to

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