About Us

C&C Machine was founded in 1980 by Ronnie and Iona Conder. It all started with a manual mill and lathe in a home garage and a dedication to precision machining and customer service. Battling through a devastating fire in 2001 that nearly closed the business, C&C Machine has grown to multiple CNC machines, a variety of manual machines, 3D printing, and 8000 square feet of manufacturing space.

The company is now owned by husband and wife Doug and Teri Conder. Just like in 1980, we operate the business with a dedication to precision machining and customer service.

Being helpful to our customers delights us. In fact, one customer recently told us:

I can’t express how grateful I am for all of your help. The Production Manager is happy and you just saved the day again. In our production meeting, another buyer that you have helped said “you just can’t beat C&C Machine“.

Our whole team is beyond appreciative.

In addition to our precision machines shop, we also operate Pure Stroke Golf. Pure Stroke Golf designs and machines products to help golfers improve and enjoy their putting game. The products make for great gifts as well. Yeah, we like to golf a little ourselves.