Top EV Battery Manufacturers by Country 2023

Top EV Battery Manufacturers by Country 2023

China is the leading EV battery manufacturer by country with approximately 57% of market share. The China-based company, CATL, has a 34% share all by itself.

According to Visual Capitalist, Korea has a 28% share and Japan comes in at 8%. There were no US-based companies listed in the top 10.

US EV Battery Manufacturers

The US accounts for about 6% of EV battery manufacturing. Tesla tops the list in the USA, followed by BorgWarner. In the south-central US, Tesla has a gigafactory in Texas. This factory manufactures their Model Y and Cybertruck.

Lesser-known EV manufacturer, Canoo, has a factory in Oklahoma. They focus more on fleet vehicles like vans. They have also developed a pickup truck.

As EV adoption continues to grow across the world, EV battery manufacturing capabilities will be critical.

There are manufacturing risks associated with the availability of raw materials, supply chains, regulations and labor force availability.

For now, China leads the world in EV battery manufacturing.

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