How a Precision Machine Shop Survives Hard Times

Submitted by: Teri and Douglas Conder. Photo credit: David Brooke Martin/Unsplash

We have been providing precision machining services for 40 years. Over that time, we have experienced prosperous times and hard times. The hard times come when the price of oil goes down affecting our energy sector business. We experienced a fire in 2001. Right now, we have a low price of oil and are experiencing affects from the coronavirus like the rest of the world. This is how we expect to work through these hard times.

We have a deep faith in God. Although hard times are not pleasant, we have faith that God will see us through. We take comfort in the biblical scripture found in Phillipians 4:7.

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

We also know that we were created with a brain. We work hard to do our part. We offer quality products and excellent customer service. However, we look again to the bible about words concerning planning and even economic cycles.

In Genesis 41, Pharoah is told by Joseph that Egypt will experience seven good years followed by seven years of famine. So, Pharoah stores food in the seven good years to be used in the seven years of famine.

When times are good, we work to have money in reserve to help us in the hard times. It is clear from the bible and our experiences that there will be good times and bad. We plan accordingly.

Please reach out to us for your precision machining needs.

We hope you have a blessed day.