Copper Mining Production by Country

Copper Mining Production by County

Submitted by Greg Conder, P.E

Copper Mining Production by Country

It was interesting to find that the country of Chile leads the world in copper mining production. They produced an estimated 5.6 million metric tons in 2019. Peru came in a distant second producing 2.4 million metric tons. China was third, followed by the United States.

These statistics came from Statista.

After smelting and other processes, all finished copper grades contain at least 99.3% copper according to the Copper Development Association. The most commonly used grade in North America is known as electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) copper. ETP contains a minimum of 99.9% copper.

Copper is very conductive, has excellent ductility and is easily worked or formed. At C&C Machine, we use copper to manufacture custom busbars and other components for our customers.

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