Prototype: 3D Printed Long Nose Cap

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Prototype: 3D Printed Long Nose Cap

Submitted by Greg Conder, P.E.

Prototype: 3D Printed Long Nose Cap

3D printing is an excellent process for prototyping. It allows for a better overall feel of designs than can be achieved from a 3D model on a flat screen. At C&C Machine, we often use 3D printing of prototypes to help us decide on the best machining processes when it is time for production. Of course, we also 3D print prototypes for customers.

The long nose cap was a rather large prototype measuring approximately six inches in diameter by six inches in height. We used ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) filament, which is a common 3D printing raw material. Since it was just a prototype for feel, we printed with a light density to reduce printing time.

We have also used 3D printing for production components. Our most recent example are these surgical mask straps to help in the fight against the Covid crises.

We would be happy to help you in your 3D printing and precision machining needs.

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