C&C Machine Supports Covid-19 Efforts by Making Surgical Mask Straps

Submitted by Greg Conder, P.E.

C&C Machine is supporting healthcare workers battling the Covid-19 virus by making and donating surgical mask straps. We are using our 3D printing technology in these efforts. Generally, we use our 3D printing for prototyping and low volume production runs. We thought this was a great time to support our healthcare community in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Design of the Strap

The design was not our creation. We must give credit where credit is due. In our situation, a gentleman came to us with the design and mentioned he thought a 12-year-old had come up with the design. The gentleman has family that works in healthcare. The workers were having to wear their masks for several hours in a row. The straps would irritate their ears.

He offered to pay us for the straps, but we declined and decided to make them at no charge. We thought this was a great way for us to show our Spirit and support our healthcare workers.

Further Research

We are still not totally sure where the design came from. However, we found this article from the Washington Post that talks about a 13-year-old in Canada that was making the straps.

The Washington Post article indicated that the young man found the design on the internet. Thank you, Suraky. Thank you, Quinn.

We can all pull together and make it through this crisis. The making and donating of the mask straps are just a couple of small gestures in the effort.

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