C & C Machine Starts with Why

We recently read the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek. The book had many large company examples, like Apple and Southwest Airlines. We found value in the book even though we are a small, family-owned CNC machine shop.

Our Why

In short, we are here to serve. Our faith compels us to have a servant’s heart. This means we strive to serve our customers and our community. We do this by being honest with our prices and lead times, producing quality products and offering exceptional customer service.

We serve our community through various missions and working with others from our church. We enjoy working with students from Rogers State University. During the COVID pandemic, we made and donated surgical mask straps to healthcare workers in our community.

We understand we will not have world-wide impact like Apple, but we can be a positive light to our customers across the country and our community.

How may we help you?