Trends in the Use of Industrial Robotics 2021

Industrial robots are being used more and more in workplaces. 2.7 million robots are operating in factories around the world according to the International Federation of Robotics

According to the report, China outpaced all other countries with robot installations with over 140,000 in 2019. They have about 783,000 units installed.
The USA was third on the list of 2019 installations with around 33,000. Total installations are around 293,000 units.

Collaborative robots orCOBOTs are a small segment of the overall robot population representing about 5% of all robot installations. However, COBOT use is increasing.


Benefits of Robotics

Robotics are used in many industries including manufacturing, medical, food and agriculture. According to the California Manufacturing Network, the use of robotics has many benefits:

  • Robots offer productivity increases.
  • Robots can work 24/7.
  • Robots do not require work breaks.
  • Robots may offer greater reliability than human workers.


Of course, these benefits must be weighed against the cost of the robots. Also, robots are best for repetitive tasks.

We do not currently use any robots at C&C Machine. We are a relatively low volume manufacturer compared to the type of manufacturing that requires assembly lines. However, we like to stay abreast of new technologies and trends.

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