Manufacturer of Custom Copper Butt Splice Wire Connectors

C&C Machine manufactures custom copper butt splice connectors for our customers’ unique designs.

C110 Soft Copper

In a recent run for a customer, C110 soft copper was the raw material. C110 has good solderability and corrosion resistance properties. It also has a very high pure copper content at 99.99% which offers high conductivity.

The soft temper makes the copper malleable which makes it easier to form and roll the copper into butt splice connectors without the copper breaking or cracking.


We have expertise in tool and die making. This expertise is a necessity when forming and fabricating custom components.

In this case, a 2-stage system is used. The first stage starts the bend of the flat copper. The second stage rolls the copper to the proper id (inside diameter) and od (outside diameter) dimensions. The components are finished with a tin plating.

Lot Sizes

Because of the customization, the lot sizes are typically pretty low for a component like a butt splice connector. Lot sizes of 200 to 500 are typical for us.

In addition to butt splice connectors, we also manufacture a variety of custom bus bars.

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