Intangible Value of Supplier Relationships

Submitted by:  Greg Conder, PEcall-conder-machine

The typical attributes purchasing agents and buyers use when evaluating suppliers are price, quality and lead times.  Make no mistake, these attributes are vitally important. But what about intangible value?

One of the attributes we value in friendships is support when we are in a jamb. We want someone we can call to help us. For buyers and purchasing agents, this jamb may be a quick change in production schedules, delayed deliveries from a distant supplier or an equipment break down.

This jamb may cause a great deal of stress to the purchasing agent or buyer and cost a lot of money for the company. Perhaps a supplier you can call to get out of a jamb is not an intangible benefit after all. It is very tangible.

When in a jamb, do you have a friend to call?

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