How a CNC Machine Shop is Like Golf

CNC Machine Shop is Like Golf

Submitted by:  Greg Conder, PE

How a CNC Machine Shop is Like Golf

There are many analogies that can be drawn between running a CNC machine shop and playing a round of golf. At C&C Machine, we are dedicated to serving our customers, but to relax, some of our team occasionally enjoy a round of golf.

Sometimes it seems like our business is having the perfect round. That is when our machines are running in perfect cadence with customer orders and our team members are in perfect health.

Sometimes it seems like our machine shop is in the rough or a sand trap. A machine breaks down. A team member is sick. Customer orders have slowed down. These can be difficult shots, but we keep playing and have made it for over 35 years.

We continue to learn and implement new ideas to improve. Much like the golfer that researches new golfing products and techniques, we research new technologies and techniques. For example, we recently added 3D printing technology.

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(Image courtesy of Pure Stroke Golf)