Golf Putting Portable Practice Hole

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Golf Putting Portable Practice Hole

Submitted by:  Greg Conder, PE

Golf Putting Portable Practice Hole

In a previous post, we wrote about one of the ways we utilize 3D Printing technology.  We promised to show the final product and its commercial use in a future post. We are now showing.

The final product is a Portable Practice Hole to be used by golfers to improve their putting game. It is designed to be used in your home or office. It has grooves machined on its base to help prevent the hole from sliding when a golf ball enters.  The ramp is designed to reduce ball hop when entering the ramp area. The diameter of the hole is less than regulation size to help the golfer improve accuracy. The ramp angle is designed to ensure ball capture (its in the hole!) with a properly paced putt.

You may view the Portable Practice Hole and other putting training aids at Pure Stroke Golf.

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