Employment Outlook for Buyers and Engineers 2019-2029

Employment Outlook for Buyers and Engineers 2019-2029

We reviewed data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to get an idea of the employment outlook for buyers, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers. The BLS predicts trends from 2019 to 2029. As a reference point, growth for all occupations tracked (there are about 800) is projected to average 4%.

Buyers, Purchasing Agents and Purchasing Managers

The prediction for buyers and purchasing agents is a decrease of 9%. This projected decline is due to increased automation and outsourcing of procurement tasks. We have experienced this trend. Orders for some of our USA based customers are actually being placed by folks in other countries.

Interestingly, the prediction for purchasing managers is an increase of 3%. Perhaps this work is not as easily outsourced or automated.

Ref: BLS data for Purchasing Managers, Buyers and Purchasing Agents

Mechanical Engineers

The prediction for mechanical engineers is an increase of 4%. This is in line with the average of all occupations. Interestingly, mechanical engineers with 3D printing knowledge and experience may have better job prospects.

Ref: BLS data for Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers

The prediction for electrical engineers is an increase of 5%. However, electronics engineers are projected to have job growth of only 1%.

Ref: BLS data for Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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