Electric Tractors Compared to Diesel Tractors

Submitted by Greg Conder, P.E.

With so much innovation occurring for electric autos, electric tractors will not be far behind. In fact, companies like John Deere and Solectrac are already bringing electric tractors to market. We were curious how electric tractors compared to diesel tractors.

We found a nice article from Modern Farmer that discusses the issue.

According to the article, electric tractors do not currently have enough energy density required to do long, hard work in the field. There is not sufficient battery power yet. Electric tractors are a bit costly compared to diesel tractors as well.

Innovations in battery power are happening seemingly every day. Perhaps in the future, electric tractors will be more popular.

At C&C Machine, we do not manufacture electric tractors, but did find the article interesting. We do manufacture custom electrical components like bus bars, connectors and heat sinks.

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