Custom Punches and Dies for Punch Press Machines

Custom Punches and Dies for Punch Press Machines

Metal fabrication often requires custom punches and dies for punch press machines. Suppliers may be limited because of the small order volumes associated with custom tooling. At C&C Machine, we still manufacture custom tooling, including punches and dies.

Sample Tooling

For the tooling depicted in the image, the customer sent us tooling that was worn out and needed to be replaced. The tooling appeared to be used for upsetting large gauge wire or rod using a machine like a punch press. We took the dimensions from the sample tooling.

Raw Material

For the raw material, we chose O-1 tool steel. O-1 is an oil-hardening, non-deforming tool steel. Tools and dies made from O-1 have good wear resistance because of the tungsten and chromium content.


After machining, the tools went through our in-house heat-treating process followed by an oil quench which hardens the tooling. Oil quenching is preferred to water quenching because it is a slower process that transfers heat without distorting or cracking the tooling.

Suppliers for low-volume components like custom punches and dies may be difficult to find. At C&C Machine, we enjoy the work.

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