Custom Heatsink Manufacturer Serving Texas and Oklahoma

Custom Heatsink Manufacturer Serving Texas and Oklahoma

We have been a custom heatsink manufacturer serving Texas and Oklahoma for more than 35 years. We have business relationships with aluminum extrusion manufacturers and we understand the quality machining that is required for optimal heatsink performance.

Where are Heatsinks Used?

Heatsinks are used in devices and equipment that contain electrical and electronic components that generate heat. The excess heat needs to be removed to protect the components.

Heatsinks are used in small devices like laptop computers as well as large equipment like electrical control systems.

How Heatsinks Work

Heatsinks work through a process called thermal conductivity. Aluminum or copper are the best materials for heatsinks because of their thermal conductivity properties. Aluminum is generally less expensive and weighs less than copper, therefore, it is the most popular material.

A “sink” is a pool or reservoir. The heatsink will gather the heat generated by the electrical components. Heatsinks are usually designed with “fins”. These fins increase the surface area of the heatsink material. This allows for increased dissipation of the heat.

Sometimes the heat dissipates passively. Sometimes air or liquid is forced over the fins to help speed up the heat dissipation process. For example, when the fan on a computer comes on, it is removing heat that has been captured by a small heatsink.

Custom Extrusion, Standard Extrusion or Standard Bar?

Many aluminum extrusion manufacturers have a variety of standard shapes designed for heatsinks. If one of these standard shapes do not meet your heatsink design criteria, then custom tooling must be built that will result in the desired shape.

The bases of these extrusions can then be machined for mounting holes, pockets and surface flatness. Surface flatness is extremely important to the functionality of heatsinks.

For small order quantities and prototypes, heatsinks can be machined from standard bar. This manufacturing process can take some time since the fins must be machined into the heatsink.

About C&C Machine

We have manufactured custom heatsinks and busbars for more than 35 years. We serve Texas and Oklahoma as well as other states.

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