Are Chatbots Beneficial to Manufacturers?

Chatbots are computer programs or software applications used to simulate conversations with human users. It eliminates contact with a human being. Are chatbots beneficial to manufacturers?

Benefits of Chatbots
According to Industry Today, chatbots may have some benefits to manufacturers.

Chatbots may be used to manage partner relationships, support inventory management, track order fulfillment, streamline human resource processes, support maintenance by monitoring equipment and reduce IT intervention and workload.

Chatbots, much like robots, seem to be best suited for repetitive tasks, frequently asked questions and curating data that already exists in computer systems and platforms.

Benefits of Human Beings
Sometimes it is best to talk with a human being. One issue we see with chatbots is that it assumes the data in computer systems and platforms is correct. The chatbots may not be able to tell if inventory levels are not correct or that drawings and designs are not correct. A drawing that may be missing a dimension, for example.

In these types of situations, reliance on chatbots can actually slow processes down rather than speed them up. Humans are better equipped to solve these types of issues.

We are a small precision machine shop that have much larger businesses as some of our customers. We understand the need for automation and efficiencies. However, automation can go too far and processes can actually become less efficient.

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