Advantages of Colored Anodize

Submitted by Greg Conder, P.E

Advantages of Colored Anodize

Colored or dyed anodizing of components has many advantages. Besides the surface bonding and strength offered by anodizing, coloring the components can bring other benefits. The color could indicate the component is dangerous. Color coding could be used to help communicate assembly instructions. A color could be used so the component could be quickly identified in an emergency.

Colors offer aesthetic benefits as well. For example, the image with this post shows the portable practice hole made by our sister company, Pure Stroke Golf. Even though the portable practice holes are a product for golfers, we manufacture them with industrial quality.

In addition to colored anodize, we have access to many other types of plating and surface finishes including tin, chrome, silver, zinc, chem film (iridite), electroless nickel and powder coating.

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